Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rochester's Lilac Festival Was Awesome!

We're just back from our first "big" show outside of Cooperstown - we went to Rochester's Lilac Festival with our tent, our refashioned wearables, and some butterflies in our stomachs! It was really a fantastic experience - we worked super hard, and experienced just about every weather disaster, including hail, torrential rain, and huge gusts of wind, one of which actually blew the top of our tent AWAY!!!
BUT....people loved our clothes, and they bought a lot, and it was great feedback and encouragement for us. We absolutely love Rochester, and will try to go back soon. Here are some pictures of our booth, and a few of the wonderful people we met:

Our favorite thing is when people find the perfect wearable among our one-of-a-kind selection. Don't these ladies look fantastic? (We think our customers are the nicest, and most fashionable, people in the world!)

Our next show is this weekend - we'll be at the Nyack Street Fair on Sunday - please look for us...we'll be in front of the Library!

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