Monday, June 28, 2010

Shadowbox Jewelry

Excuse our enthusiasm, but we're over the moon about these shadowbox pendants we've been making. Each is a little over an inch square. One-of-a-kind (of course!) little works of art, these wearable assemblages draw a lot of attention. We're quite proud of them.

The two shadowboxes here are already purchased, but we have more, and will post pictures soon. As always, please call Karen at 607-434-3418 if you have any questions about our items.

Quirky Works Studio: Our Jewelry

We've been very busy in the studio recently making (well, fashioning and refashioning) jewelry, and we'd love to share our work with you! We've made some great pieces, like the one above, using bits of this and that, vintage watch faces, rosary beads, stray crystals, all layered together...they are show stoppers! You can wear these one-of-a-kind necklaces with a t-shirt and jeans, or dress them up and wear them out for a fancy evening on the town. (Very versatile!) Don't you love them?

If you're interested in these pieces, we're very low-tech - sorry - so you can call Karen at 607-434-3418. If you happen to be in Cooperstown, NY, stop by the studio to browse! (79 Chestnut Street, but do call first, please!)
We'll be posting more pictures of our creations soon. Thanks for looking!