Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jewelry Show at Roberta's

Roberta and Ro hosted Quirky Works Studio's first ever jewelry show in Cooperstown this week...and it was a big hit!

It was a lovely evening, with food, drink, and bling! Lots of necklaces sold - it was SO much fun to watch the ladies try them on, and find the PERFECT piece for them...several women bought more than one piece, for layering. Everyone looked so beautiful wearing our refashioned vintage pieces!

Huge thanks to Roberta and Ro for the support and encouragement and friendship, thanks to our new patrons, and special sweet thanks to Susan, who baked a gorgeous cake for the occasion!

Ro, Jeanne, Karen, Jenny, Lynne, Susan

The Cake! (It was goood!)

Roberta getting ready...color coordinated (of course...she is our visual guru and our muse...)